The following criteria must be met for non-Florida patients:

  • Patients must be 21 years old or younger and diagnosed before their 18th birthday.
  • All information submitted will be verified by authorized treating facility and personnel. Only applicants who have met all necessary requirements will be approved.
  • Must be an oncology diagnosis.

Things to know before applying:

  • Applications must be submitted by social worker from the facility where the pediatric cancer patient is being treated.
  • Applications must be submitted through our portal and will not be accepted by fax, phone or email.
  • If you are a parent or family member and would like to fill out an application for a pediatric cancer patient, please contact the child’s social worker to submit an application on their behalf.
  • Money won’t be distributed directly to a family. Expense will be paid directly to funeral home or cemetery holding the service with proper accompanying invoice/receipt. 
  • Floridian Families can receive up to $400 of assistance that they can use towards  memorial services.

We do not assist with:

  • Non-oncology cases. 
  • Patients diagnosed at the age 21. 

After Submission:

Live Like Bella® will contact applicants within two business days and will provide a status of the request submitted. For emergency requests, please contact our Family Services Team at

*The Live Like Bella® Childhood Cancer Foundation reserves the right to change these guidelines at any time without notice.