Cristina Fernández

Synergistic PI3K combinatorial targeting for NF2 Schwannomas

University of Central Florida, College of Medicine, Burnett School of Medicine Science
Primary Researcher(s):
Cristina Fernández-Valle, Ph.D; Alejandra Petrilli, Ph.D; Berta Victoria, PhD; Mrs. Marga Bott; Mrs. Rosa Rosario.
Pending 2019
Mutations of the gene NF2 can cause a rare condition called Neurofibromatosis Type 2. The mutation results in NF2 Schwannoma tumors within the brain and spine. The tumors cannot be treated, and the only option is to remove them in surgery. This operation is often successful, but leaves children with neurological issues. The objective of this study is to find possible ways to prevent the growth of these tumors so that the surgery wouldn’t be necessary. Researchers are examining PI3K inhibitors under development for cancer and other enzymes known to contribute to tumor growth. The results will hopefully lead to possible solutions for the development of NF2 Schwannoma tumors without having to do surgery.
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