University of Miami-Miller School of Medicine
Primary Researcher(s)
Mateo Trucco, MD; Sulagna Banerjee PhD
Awarded 2019

Enhancing Immunotherapy Through Inhibition of CAIX to Treat Osteosarcoma


Carbonic Anhydrase IX (CAIX) is a protein that helps prolong the life of cancer cells. CAIX pumps out lactic acids that build up within cancer cells that are in a low oxygen environment. The emission of these acids makes the cells more defensible to the body’s immune system. Funding from Live Like Bella has helped the Miami-Miller School of Medicine researchers develop methods to attacking this protein. They are currently testing a drug, WB-5111, and pairing it with immunotherapy to target tumors found in Osteosarcoma. The drug will hopefully, in the future, help children and teenagers battle Osteosarcoma (the most common type of bone cancer) and other types of cancer as well.

From the Researcher:? “Relatively rare cancers like the ones children get, often get drowned out and do not get the support they need. Funds from the Live Like Bella Initiative® assure [these] Pediatric research projects get funded.” -Mateo Trucco