University of Miami
Primary Researcher(s)
David J Robbins, PhD; Stephen Chen, PhD.
Pending 2019

Designing New Strategies for Most Lethal Forms of Medulloblastoma


Medulloblastoma (MB) is a severe pediatric brain tumor resulting in 10% of all pediatric deaths. Treatment for MB has progressed over time and the cancer has been categorized into different subsections. Patients of a certain subsection of MB, TRP53 SONIC HEDGEHOG (SHH), have significantly lower chances of success compared to patients with other forms of MB. SHH causes changes in signaling networks in the brain; networks essential for cells to survive and multiply. The objective of the study is to target networks that prolong the life of SHH, offering those battling this form of Medulloblastoma new methods of treatment.

From the Researcher: “Although the cohort of pediatric brain tumor patients is small, the devastating loss of a child has on an entire extended family has a significant impact for decades…. Without the Live Like Bella funds, we would not have sufficient funds to keep working on our pediatric cancer project.” – David J Robbins