Moffit Cancer Center
Primary Researcher(s)
Keiran Smalley, PhD; Jane Messina, MD; Vernon Sondak, MD; Kenneth Tsai,MD/PhD; Florian Kareth, PhD; Dennis Adeegbe, PhD.
Awarded 2019

Defining and Modeling Pediatric Melanoma Development


The Live Like Bella Initiative is helping researchers at Moffitt Cancer Center examine patients with pediatric Melanoma to better understand certain variables contributing to Melanoma, including sun exposure and genetic mutations. New information about these different factors resulting in Melanoma development will ensure future therapies to be more effective. Researchers are also testing the efficiency of sunscreens to prevent pediatric Melanoma.

From the Researcher: “Pediatric cancers are often ignored by major funding agencies. Live Like Bella provides critical early support to innovative new research projects that we expect will have major impact for the future treatment of childhood cancers.” – Keiran Smalley