University of South Florida, Tampa
Primary Researcher(s)
Mildred Acevedo-Duncan, Ph.D., Stacie Stapleton, MD., Loveleen Kang, MD
Awarded 2019

Anti-Neuroblastoma Effects of ICA-1


PKC-i is believed to possibly prevent the growth of neuroblastoma cells. Live Like Bella has helped researchers at John Hopkins Children’s Hospital test this notion. A new staff of researchers at John Hopkins are testing the PCK-i inhibitor on 9 neuroblastoma cell lines. The halting of neuroblastoma cell lines is crucial to fighting pediatric cancers. Thus far, researchers were successfully able to prevent the growth of 3 types of neuroblastoma cell lines using PKC-i inhibitors and ICA-1. Researchers are still continuing their experiments to learn more about the PKC-i and its correlation with neuroblastoma cells, and pediatric cancers as a whole.

From the Researcher: “Without funding from the Live Like Bella Initiative we would not be able to perform this work. The funding has allowed me to hire a postdoctoral fellow and a graduate student to erform the work. As a researcher, I am glad to make a contribution to finding cures for pediatric cancers!” – Mildred Acevedo-Duncan