Lee Klein dedication

The Lee Klein Children's Cancer Caring Center Fund

The Children’s Cancer Caring Center, Inc., (CCCC) co-founded in 1965 by Lee Klein, is regarded as a pillar of childhood cancer care in the community.  Over the past 55 years, thousands of patients have been treated, loved, and cared for at the CCCC where no child has been turned away regardless of race, color, or ethnic origin or a family’s ability to pay for their child’s treatment.

Lee Klein is a creative force and compassionate leader.  Lee, along with the CCCC’s all volunteer board and ardent supporters, believes that until mankind is rewarded with a cure for cancer, the #1 killer disease of children, they remain committed to helping provide quality life, love, and hope to precious cancer stricken children.

In celebration of the CCCC’s 55th Anniversary, a fund has been established at the Live Like Bella Childhood Cancer Foundation to expand the scope of pediatric cancer treatment, including clinical trials and family support.

Both foundations have a shared vision to alleviate the financial burden families face so they can focus on their child as they battle dreaded cancer.