Children Battling Cancer Need
YOU Now More Than Ever!

Support the Live Like Bella® COVID-19
Emergency fund.

COVID-19 has only amplified the hardships childhood cancer families normally go through.

Since the start of COVID-19 the entire world has come to a halt. Many things have changed but one of the things that hasn’t is that children battling cancer still need our help.

During these unprecedented times, COVID-19 is affecting so many with underlying medical conditions and fragile immune systems – among them are our fearless childhood cancer fighters. Children undergoing cancer treatment are among the immunocompromised population but they can’t always stay sheltered at home. These children still have to go to treatment, they still need to travel to get the care they need. Many of the financial and emotional burdens that these families experience are being further magnified.

We stand together with them and are committed to doing all we can to help support them. Will you stand with us? Here’s what you can do to support Live Like Bella and our neediest families during this time:


In response to our patient’s immediate needs, Live Like Bella®  has created a COVID-19 emergency fund to help families during these uncertain times. Donation made to this fund will go to helping families affectedly childhood cancer with the following

  • Gas and grocery assistance for families whose streams of income has been impacted by the virus.
  • Providing support with bills that have fallen behind due to unemployment and costly treatment costs.
  • Covering the cost of memorial expenses in the unfortunate event that a child passes.

You can help Live Like Bella® continue to provide these crucial services Families can’t wait, they need these solutions now. Your donation helps childhood cancer families when times get hard so they can focus on their #1 priority, their child’s health. It gives these families much needed peace to know they are not alone in their journey. 

Together, we can help families navigate this uncertain time. Give today and make a difference for all children battling cancer.